Organ Scholarships

Organ Scholarships

The Spartanburg Chapter of the American Guild of Organists offers three scholarships to qualified students who are interested in musical study of the organ. 

1. Organ Encounter Scholarship

One Organ Encounter (OE) Scholarship in the amount of $300.00 will be made available to qualified students, ages 12-17, who apply to and are accepted by any OE sponsored by the AGO. Previous organ study is not required to attend an OE. But keyboard proficiency is essential. 

2. Margaret Shannon Fay College Organ Scholarship

One College Scholarship in the amount of $800.00 ($400 per semester) will be made available for organ lessons to qualified college and graduate students with a recommendation from their private teacher. 

3. Pre-College Organ Scholarship

One Pre-College Scholarship in the amount of $500.00 ($250 per semester) will be made available for private organ lessons to qualified students, ages 12-17, with the recommendation of their keyboard (piano) teacher. Previous organ study is not required, but basic keyboard proficiency is essential.


  • An applicant must be a resident of the Spartanburg area OR be a resident from another region studying in the Spartanburg area.
  • Previous Organ study is not required.
  • An applicant must be recommended by a keyboard (piano) teacher.
  • The recipient will be required to perform for the AGO Spartanburg Chapter on a program during or within a year following the scholarship period.


  • Submit an application t0 the Scholarship Chair. (details below)
  • An applicant's letter stating personal interest in music and study of the pipe organ
  • A teacher's letter of recommendation or chapter member sponsor's letter (OE).
  • An Audition is required before the Audition Committee which is appointed by the Dean with the Scholarship Chair serving as Chair of the Audition Committee.
  • Applications must be submitted by the first of April in order to audition for the following year.
  • Audition dates are schedule in May.
  • Audition requirements: Perform two contrasting keyboard works from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, or Contemporary periods. (College only: Sight-read a hymn.)


  • Monetary award payments will be sent directly to the recipient's organ teacher or school of study.
  • An organ teacher paid through an AGO Spartanburg Chapter Organ Scholarship must be a member in good standing of the American Guild of Organists.

4. Robert & Nancy Powell Scholarship

$2,500 Scholarship and Organ Competition. Visit for complete details.